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Hello and thanks for allowing me to join. I have a big plumbing issue. (I think). I have an old pier and beam home here in East Texas. It is out in the country. I have been here a little over 18 months now. I am on one acre and it is located in heavy oil field country. We have a lot of truck traffic. The road is oil top. I am convinced the water main is leaking slowly under ground. The reason I believe this is because of two things. First and foremost is my yard stays saturated in the heavy spring rains and fall rains. Then it stays green even in the heat of the summer when everyone else yard is burnt up mine is still green. I replumbed the house from the water meter to every faucet and toilet in the house with PVC. I have checked my meter with nothing on so I have no water leaks. Yet I have water standing in my yard and under my house due to the ground being saturated after only a couple inches of rain. I got with the water company and they denied that the main was leaking. Yet when I ask for a water loss statement for a yr. they gave me documents showing the amount of water pumped, sold and used for flushing and after all that they were showing anywhere from 15-30% water loss. The water main is located under the oil top road. It was put in during the mid to late 60's when this was still a dirt road. Our frost level here is 2 ft. so I know the main is not that deep. Anyway I also spoke with the guy that does the repairs for them and he said it was a 3" main under the edge of the road. My house is located between 2 oil fields and the trucks turn out of one into the other putting constant pressure on the main. During the rainy season the dirt around here does get soft. Anyway I have no way of proving that their main is leaking and I can not find an attorney to help unless of course I want to pay for his retirement up front. LOL So I guess my question is, is how do I prove the main is leaking and who do I contact to get some help? I contacted TCEQ the agency here in Texas that is supposed to govern them. The local branch sent out two investigators on two different occasions but did not determine anything. LOL Come to find out they are either related to the employees or grew up with them. My house is starting to rot out from under me. I am fixing to have to start replacing the beams and all the floors and sub floors due to rot. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
Category: Plumber Post By: OLGA SIMON (Grand Prairie, TX), 06/21/2017

Only advice I can give is build your house out of brick and enjoy the free green yard. You would probably have to bring in a leak detector to tell but even they are hit or miss. Especially when saturated.

- DIANE TORRES (Urbana, IL), 09/12/2017

If i really wanted to know if it was leaking i would rent a skid steer with a hoe and start digging in the saturated part of the yard.. I would also have someone help so i didnt rip out the main while digging.

- ANN EVANS (Passaic, NJ), 09/17/2017

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