Forum Title: toilet tank turned brown suddenly
I've got an odd problem. A few weeks ago I started getting brown streaks down the side of the toilet bowl. We clean the bowl, the streaks come back immediately. Well today I looked in the tank and the inside of the tank is all brown / rust colored. We have never had a rust problem with our water before. We have other toilets which do NOT have this problem. The toilet is used at least once a day. There is no issue with the water at the sink in this bathroom. Is there any parts inside the tank that would break down over time and have a problem like this? The toilet is about 5 years old. As of about 2 months ago, I tossed a bleach puck in the tank and it was not discolored at that time. Thoughts on the cause or how to remedy??
Category: Plumber Post By: FLOYD NEWMAN (Vancouver, WA), 09/23/2016

Quote: Originally Posted by steve1544 You should clean your toilet tank to avoid this problem. Thanks What should it be cleaned with? Obviously not bleach.

- YVONNE CURTIS (Nashua, NH), 09/04/2017

About 2 months ago you put a corrosive chemical in your toilet tank. A couple/few weeks later, you started noticing rust stains in your toilet. Coincidence? Maybe. But probably not.

- FELIX HIGGINS (Pflugerville, TX), 09/16/2017

Those tank pucks will do nasty things to your terlit innards.

- Nick L (Meridian, ID), 09/25/2017

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