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My old faucet was filthy. After I cleaned it, it began leaking terribly. Truly one of those times where the dirt was holding it together. (Literally, a crack in a sleeve inside was filled with hard water deposits which kept it from leaking) I've temporarily fixed it with some gorilla glue and by letting the deposits build back up, believe it or not, but I know it needs to be replaced. I've replaced a few faucets in the past, but they all had rubber gaskets and no sealant was required. To replace this faucet, I bought a Pfister "Shelton". (Single mom on a tight budget here) The thing is, the faucet came with a two piece deck plate. The chrome piece and a hard plastic piece that sits under it. The man at Lowes told me that silicone was all I needed. The instructions say to use plumber's putty. I have both. But the instructions didn't specify as to what type of putty. (Regular or Stain Free) After reading multiple forums from multiple sites, I still can't decide which I should use. On one side is the argument that the putty will destroy the plastic because it is petroleum based and silicone is the ONLY thing to use. On the other side is the argument that they've used the putty for ___ years and NEVER had a problem so putty is the ONLY thing to use. I've read some pretty heated discussions on this topic, so I DO NOT want to start an argument with this. (Please) What would be great is if you could share your experiences using putty and silicone. Which was easier in your opinion? Have you ever removed a faucet with a plastic deck plate on which putty had been used? Did the plastic crumble? If I ever have to change the faucet again, which is easier to deal with? If I need to stick to silicone, is the type I have okay? It's GE Kitchen/Bath/Plumbing 100% Silicone, Clear. If I need to stick to putty, is they type I have okay? It's Oatey brand. Just regular, basic, plumber's putty. Thanks in advance!
Category: Plumber Post By: MAXINE ESPINOZA (Oceanside, CA), 05/16/2016

Use the silicone. I always use silicone for faucets and putty for drains except for on cultured marble or plastic sinks, then all silcone. And the Pfister will be a good faucet for you. Remember to call Pfister for free replacement parts and technical assistance if you ever have maintenance issues with the new faucet.

- LAWRENCE PETERSON (Santa Monica, CA), 09/12/2017

I just use a bead of silicone around the faucet holes and one bead just inside the plastic inner deck plate, so if there is any water that gets under the faucet, it will not drip inside my cabinet. I don't like using plumber's putty anywhere except drains.

- SAMANTHA VALDEZ (Cleveland, TN), 09/28/2017

Your gonna get mixed reviews here as plumbers like there own things. The simple answer is they will both work just fine. As a service tech I use both depending on the sink style putty can effect the sink more than the faucet. It really depends on what you feel more comfortable using. Both will be a pain to clean up if u replace the faucet but neither will hurt the faucet

- LLOYD LITTLE (Lauderhill, FL), 10/09/2017

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