Forum Title: Replace run of copper pipe to kitchen sink?
Hi, I'm looking to buy a house built in 1953. It has copper piping. On the property disclosure form, the owner marked "unknown" for "lead used in plumbing". I assume the potential for lead would be in the solder? I snagged a water sample from the house, and got a negative result for lead with one of those home test kits (for whatever they're worth). The run from the water main + hot water tank to the kitchen faucet is about 30 feet worth of pipe. Would it be an unreasonable request to a plumber these days to replace that section with new copper piping + lead free solder, just for peace of mind? The rest of the house we can do later on, I'm really just concerned about the kitchen water. Any thoughts would be great. Thanks
Category: Plumber Post By: JULIE COLLINS (Pembroke Pines, FL), 09/18/2016

The lead law did not even start until 2014. People did not worry about lead before than so why would you start now? Unless it's new installation or repair that is being inspected. And it would be the solder joints that had lead so how much do you think it's really going to contain? I don't really believe in this new low lead law but that's my 2-cents. Sure this will stir a lot of people up but that's my opinion.

- PHYLLIS RUSSELL (Miami Beach, FL), 09/02/2017

Hi, thanks - what are the fittings? Is that the solder between joints, or something else? Let's say lead did come back positive - would plumbers these days do a pipe replacement job in copper like this? Or does everyone do PEX now? I want to do copper is possible. We are in Connecticut. Thanks!

- Matthew Russo (Mount Pleasant, SC), 09/03/2017

if it test out lead. all you need to replace is the fittings. the copper has no lead, it is the solder used to join the copper, that is the problem go to your local health department , or dr office and snag a couple specimen containers. fill them with water and return to health department they charge like 2 bucks for each specimen . get a report

- FRANK YOUNG (Madison, AL), 09/30/2017

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