Forum Title: Outside shut off?
I have to try to fix a leak in the main indoor shutoff valve at my daughter's house that I have to close to work on the shower valve in the upstairs bath. It's fine wide open but drips from the packing when closed. I know how to add some packing. Since it's a condo, they used cheap fittings and I'm concerned that if the valve fails when I turn it off to repack it, I'll have a disaster. The pic appears to be the main shutoff for the unit. Right to turn off? Anything else to know? Help!
Category: Plumber Post By: JUDY KELLY (Overland Park, KS), 06/25/2016

if it is a condo, i think you should talk to management first. if you brake anything all the liability is on you. but yes, just turn the valve to the right. it may or maynot be a 1/4 turn

- AMBER WILLIAMSON (Altamonte Springs, FL), 09/22/2017

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