Forum Title: Jelly Substance in Dishwasher Clog? How can I clean it? (filter blocking) Pics inside
This is a very newbie question as this is my 1st time touching a dishwasher but whirlpool can't even (or wont?) answer me what the 2 holes are (and all the manuals/parts list dont say it). Model: Whirlpool DU850SWPS4 Issue: the machine works but there is a low puddle of water at the end of cycle, or even if I don't use it for a while My "newbie" analysis (with pictures): It's probably a clog somewhere, so after slowly sucking out all the water, I opened the first layer of the basket filter (which for some reason has no easy/screws to open), I had to pry it out with force: Now I see 2 holes on left and right (left is one with filter). The right is perfectly clean which I assume is the cold water supply into the washer. I then take it the left dirty one is where the water drains. Here is the closer pic of the left hole, which consists of jelly like substance (almost like gelatin). I could not suck it out with my turkey baster: Firstly, what is this hole? And most importantly how can I clean it out. I cannot see a way to open that filter cross thing without breaking the machine. Is there a clog substance that I can pour it safely into? I've tried baking soda + vinegar before and it didn't seem to work. Maybe a garage vacuum? If I were to call a plumber, how then would he fix it? Take it out and clean it from the reverse?
Category: Plumber Post By: DOROTHY WILSON (Huntsville, AL), 09/01/2016

Maybe some boiling hot water. Forget chemicals or vinegar & baking soda. That just might make it worse.

- CHRISTINE CAMPBELL (Missoula, MT), 09/29/2017

thanks, will try put poke some holes via bamboo stick and then pour boiling water. so the left hole is the drainage hole right?

- TED BUSH (Redding, CA), 10/10/2017

Don't call a plumber. They usually don't repair appliances. They can replace the appliance. Call an Appliance serviceman instead. Maybe just a pump problem. Or If you are a DIYer, you can go find an appliance parts store and talk to them. The one here has always been helpful to me.

- LAURIE ESTRADA (Haltom City, TX), 10/11/2017

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