Forum Title: Ford Grip Joint help!!!! Pex pulled free ~wasted 30,000 gallons!
Hello everyone! Per the thread title - The water company recently installed a 3/4" meter box for my new house. I wanted to install a hose bib for the contractors to use during construction. I attached PEX to the water company supplied FORD GRIP JOINT. It was very straightforward. Loosen the grip nut and install the PEX pipe, tighten 1.5 to 2.5 past hand tight. I pressure tested the line and everything looked good. I backfilled the trench and left. 1 week late we had a good rain, must have moved the PEX somehow. The PEX pulled out!!! I dumped 30,000 gallons out at 85 psi over the course of a day!! I wasnt happy!. I reinstalled the PEX in the ford grip joint and found it was waayyy too easy to pull out. The GRIPPER RING doesnt seem to be gripping very well!.. I understand i was supposed to use a stiffner INSIDE the PEX but that doesnt change the fact that the gripper doesnt work. I tried to fix it by ordering a 3/4 push x 1 female sharkbite. Well didnt realize the ford meter box make side it straight pipe NOT NPT so the sharkbite didnt work!! I have since purchased copper to come out of the FORD GRIP JOINT and wanted to flare the copper so it couldnt pull out however any flare will not allow the copper tubing to be insterted into the male side of the ford meter box!! Running out of ideas!!! I dont like the design of the FORD GRIP JOINT but cant seem to find an alternative that has straight pipe threads. All the fixes are NPT. THANKS!!!!!!
Category: Plumber Post By: GILBERT CHAMBERS (Eugene, OR), 03/01/2016

Thanks xtramile, what is the standard thread type for a Ford meter box? I am assuming it is straight pipe, non tapered. I guess the female side of the meter spud has the same threads? Is the male 3/4 side of the spud tapered threads or straight threads? Thanks!!

- JOSEPH RODRIGUEZ (Yorba Linda, CA), 09/16/2017

Male threats is spuds are ips./Tapered

- RHONDA GILBERT (Hesperia, CA), 09/17/2017

Don't know what type of threat type those are, but for temporary adding waterline . I use 3/4 inch female hosebib on meter spud . And garden hose

- JAVIER PARK (Coppell, TX), 10/10/2017

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