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Sorry if this is the wrong sub forum, not wasn't sure which it should go in. I am researching to see if a Direct Potable Reuse system would work for a single home. What this system does is takes waste water, filters it, and returns it to the water supply without it ever going back into nature, weather it be the ocean, underground (septic system), etc. From what i know it has only been used by cities and not by lone residences. The system I am wanting to create would be grey water only, sewage wouldn't be a problem due to a waterless composting toilet. There are in line filters meant to supply an entire house, using water from a lake or river. The consist of a large filter, reverse osmosis filter, and a ultra-violet filter to eliminate bacteria. As long as chemicals/cleaners such as bleach aren't introduced, I don't see any reason this wouldn't work. Using this system should mean that I won't need a septic system, and that I can use rain water to replenish my water supply as needed instead of digging a well, as long as I have a holding tank for the dry months. What are your thoughts on this? Anyone have experience with large filtration systems?
Category: Plumber Post By: MICHEAL GARRETT (Corona, CA), 05/11/2017

Sounds like an awful amount of work and maintenance just to use the bathroom.

- HARRY HOWARD (Brookfield, WI), 09/15/2017

Thanks for the reply. Just trying to figure out what i'll do at the moment. I think it's basically a choice between maintenance or money, as the compost+filter system would take about 80 years to cost the same as digging a well and installing septic

- Decatur HVAC (Loveland, CO), 09/26/2017

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