Forum Title: Concrete foundation moisture
Hello everyone, I am not a plumbing expert by any means, but lately I've noticed a small wet spot on the outside of my home, there are no large cracks and the soil right near the foundation is dry. The foundation just seems wet, it's not soaking wet, but it appears darker, and if I put my hand on it, it's moist. The part that is wet is on an outside wall facing my shower...I guess you can picture it like this (sorry for my bad diagram) My backyard will be show as an underscore and then this will be the foundation (|) _______(|) (foundation) (shower tub is above facing foundation) As you can see if you were standing right near this wet spot and facing the hardiplank siding you'd be facing my tub/shower. It's right on that outside wall near the foundation. I have checked the tile floor in the bathroom, no leaks/water seeping through, or hot spots. I've put my ear to the shower, tile, outside wall, I do NOT hear any leaks or hissing. I tried several spots, right near the outside wall, and wear the faucet is and near the bottom of the tub. The water pressure is good. I checked my water meter today it shows 280320, 30 minutes later it was still at 280320. Then I took a 15-20 minute shower, it was around 280360. I waited another 30 minutes and it was still 280360. Could this be a leak in my pipe running down through my foundation? Condensation from the shower/heat and the cold air? The wet spot isnt' making it's way down to the soil and it's not up under the hardiplank, just in this one spot. I believe I have noticed it years ago when we moved in, but it was wet outside, so it didn't alarm me, I am just concerned that it may be a pipe leaking, but shouldn't I notice a large amount of water coming out, wetting the soil, spilling out into the ground? My water bill has been the same since we moved in 47-50 dollars a month.
Category: Plumber Post By: ALAN POWELL (Peoria, AZ), 03/18/2017

Also my home was built in 2006, not a very old home, FYI...

- RITA PATTERSON (Leesburg, VA), 09/21/2017

Where do you live? What type of piping do you have? I'm not an expert but there are numerous threads here about small pinhole leaks from plumbing in slabs. Please post some pictures of where this moisture is present and hopefully some professionals will begin to chime in soon.

- KIRK RODGERS (Redondo Beach, CA), 09/21/2017

Is your shower valve located on this outside wall? If it is, I would start looking for a leaking shower arm, which is the bent pipe that connects the shower head to the piping inside the wall.

- HAROLD MITCHELL (Dearborn, MI), 09/27/2017

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