Forum Title: Basement Builder 3 Piece Rough in Question
Hello, tackling my basement in hopes of performing most of the work myself. No offense to anyones profession and not hiring professionals to tackle the job. I just enjoy a sense of accomplishment and love learning new things. Im at the point where I made a layout for my bathroom and have done some basic research on bathroom plumbing and what needs to be done in order to get a working bathroom without flooding my basement. We bought the house a year ago and got the builder to put in a 3-piece rough in for plumbing a basement bathroom. Upon looking at other peoples pictures and reading forums upon forums, it appears as if EVERY single house is set up differently and Im having a really tough time putting together what exactly Im looking at in my basement. Basically I have 3 pvc pipes sticking up from the slab. The 4" for the toilet, behind the toilet under the stairs (2"pvc) I believe is what is meant to be for a sink, although I dont know why they hell they would put it behind the toilet ...which makes me feel like that is a vent from the toilet? There is another pipe (2" pvc) coming up with a hole and gravel at the bottom, which I assume is for the shower drain. All stick upward, the two are cemented in minus the shower drain with drainage rocks in the pit. Under the stairs behind the shower is a sewage ejector pit. since my main sits up a few feet off the ground, Im assuming this a requirement in completing the bathroom. So with that in mind, I know I need to vent all my fixtures as well as the sewage ejector. I live in New Castle County DE. The builder put only one capped vent in the ceiling on the opposite side of where the bathroom is intended to go. From the picture posted, can anyone help me out how to properly vent and plumb a bathroom with a standup shower, vanity, and sewage ejector? Assuming my code allows me to tie the ejector vent in with the rest (Im just assuming this for now since the builder only put one capped vent in, until I can verify with my county).
Category: Plumber Post By: DUSTIN DELGADO (Santa Clarita, CA), 03/08/2017

Haha, much better! Had to post it on my phone while I was at work. Will do, at work now. I'll post up tonight.

- THERESA COX (St. Cloud, MN), 09/03/2017

I was falling out of my chair looking at this so I turned it. Remove the caps and draw and arrow if you can tell which direction they are going.

- AARON BROOKS (Riverton, UT), 09/16/2017

Okay, so even with a high power lumen light it was hard to tell where the drains went. So I just poured some water down them all. The toilet and drain behind the toilet both ran into the sewage ejector pit (which was half full of water when I opened it from the builder). I could hear the water pouring in. I than poured water into what I think is the shower drain, and I could see where is was headed, then it all started to accumulate within the bend of the pvc, so the water is now at the bottom of that pvc. Orange : Drains into Pit Red: Drains into pit Green: Does not drain into pit, can now see water at bottom of pipe looking down.

- CATHY DAVIDSON (Roswell, GA), 10/03/2017

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