Forum Title: Anything wrong with this installation?
This is for laundry room, Washer/Dryer and laundry sink. Picture 1 is original installation, which failed inspection due to notching structural post. Picture 2 is during repair, Picture 3,4 is final, repaired installation. What do y'all think? See any issues?
Category: Plumber Post By: TERRI GREGORY (Hampton, VA), 02/14/2016

Thank you. Photo 1 passed inspection for the plumbing, it was the framing damage that required him to redo it. I assumed he was using the vent for the washer dryer like a stack (the middle pipe extends to the roof) Not ok? Photo 3 passed inspection but with a note that said A.A.V. and S trap, so I guess the inspector noticed the lack of vent this time. I guess he wants the AAV due to lack of vent, but why would he call for an S trap? As for the cleanout, I haven't seen a single cleanout in the rough plumbing. Should I be concerned? By the way this is a slab house in Florida.

- MYRTLE ROBBINS (Eau Claire, WI), 09/08/2017

each fixture has to be vented PERIOD if you call him back he will red tag you again

- MARILYN JAMES (Indio, CA), 09/21/2017

no vent no clean out, drain for laundry sink needs to be 2'', looks like it is 1/1/2' laundry sink is 2 fixture units, minium drain is 2''

- VIVIAN KELLER (New Berlin, WI), 10/03/2017

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